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Trevor Wowk

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Campaign Office:
D-1238 Walker St.,
Regina, SK, S4T 5N5

Born and raised in Inglis, MB, Trevor became a very successful IT tech business analyst with companies such as GE, Inland, and PCM while raising three children as a single father. Self-employed since 1982, Trevor believes that through his business experience he has developed exceptional leadership, critical thinking and team building skills that will significantly benefit the residents of Regina-Lewvan.

“It’s written into my personal DNA to help people,” Wowk says. “A dedication to collaboration and a sincere desire to help people have been key factors to my success. I thrive on helping other people achieve their goals and that touches why I’m entering politics. In the last federal election, I became disenchanted and concerned with the entire slate of candidates.

When Maxime Bernier established the People’s Party of Canada, I finally found a leader with policies, ideas, beliefs and values that aligned with mine. For example, “I supported Erin Weir and there is something in the way his party rejected his candidacy that disgusted me. This is one of many examples of why the political status quo must change. The PPC is the only party where individual MPs will have a democratic mandate to represent their constituents. Only within the PPC can I debate, disagree and work to a unified consensus.

For more than 20 years I have worked and lived all over Saskatchewan, but I felt the greatest kinship with the wonderful people of Regina, and that’s why I now call it home.”

Outside of his successful businesses, Trevor is a long-time volunteer who has worked with organizations benefitting Alzheimer’s Disease, UNICEF and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. He also coached his children in minor baseball and served with the Royal Canadian Navy as a member of a combat systems engineering team. “A friend recently pointed out that I should stop complaining about politics and do something concrete to change it, as my skills, empathy and incredible life experience perfectly combine to position me to drive true and positive change. Finally, the motto of the PPC really resonates with me; Freedom, Fairness, Responsibility and Respect; what greater honour could I have than to serve the people of Regina (and all Canadians) and advocate for these values.”

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